Develop apprentices in all areas etc., help identify training and coaching needs in our membership work to find or create train-the-trainer opportunities.


Compose and perform music for productions.

Sound Designers & Operators

Source / create sound effects for productions, record all episodes of productions plays to create broadcast-ready audio files for broadcast by 99.3 County FM


Production /play /serial selection, planning and research, scheduling and organization, financial and grants, legal agreements and royalties, rehearsal space and logistics, service acquisition, marketing and advertising.


Production/play/serial selection, run auditions, run rehearsals, perform script analysis for episode creation, sound selection, editing with sound designers and operators.


Character analysis & development, script reading performance.


Work as individuals and work in teams. Production /play /serial selection, develop original scripts, modify existing short stories into radio plays, create introductions for existing plays for the directors /actors /sound designers & operators.